The Ion Rațiu Journalism Award was established in 2015, inspired by the example of Ion Rațiu who, upon his return to Romania after 50 years in exile, fought for the freedom of the press, a necessary condition of any functional democracy. The Award promotes and encourages investigative journalism in Romania by rewarding the most important achievements of journalists. The nominations of investigative journalists are made by the Center for Independent Journalism, Active Watch, and by representatives of Romanian journalism faculties and departments. 



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Paul Radu, RISE Project


Ovidiu Vanghele, Să Fie Lumină


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Cătălin Tolontan, Libertatea & Gazeta Sporturilor


The Rațiu Family Charitable Foundation, together with the Friends For Friends Foundation, organizer of the Superstories Awards, announces the launch of a partnership aimed at supporting investigative journalism in Romania.

Starting in 2024, within the Superstories Awards Gala, the two foundations will annually offer the “The Superstories – Ion Rațiu Scholarship for Investigative Journalism,” worth 3600 EUR.

This scholarship continues the traditional “Ion Rațiu Journalism Award,” launched in 2015 and inspired by Ion Rațiu, who – upon returning to Romania in 1990 after 50 years of exile – fought for press freedom. This project will address multiple needs of investigative journalists, beyond recognizing their work.

The scholarship will be awarded to a journalist following an evaluation process of investigative work carried out in 2023. Both journalists participating in the Superstories competition and proposals not included in the competition will be considered. Members of the Superstories jury and representatives of the Rațiu Family Charitable Foundation will participate in the decision-making process.

“Ion Rațiu returned after 50 years in exile with the main objective of strengthening democracy in Romania, and the founding of the Cotidianul newspaper was one of his first achievements in this endeavor. 25 years later, the Rațiu Foundation decided to award an annual prize for promoting investigative journalism in Romania. We are delighted to join forces this year with the Friends For Friends Foundation, organizer of the Superstories Awards, thus joining efforts to encourage quality journalism. For democracy, the independence and impartiality of justice and the press from any political influence are equally important. In the media, achieving this goal is a much more challenging task than it may seem at first glance, which is why The Superstories – Ion Rațiu Scholarship for Investigative Journalism will contribute to this mission,” declares Nicolae Rațiu.

“It is an honor to join forces with a foundation we respect, and it is a joy to be able to do something useful for the work of journalists. Especially in the field of investigation where, if we look at the topics that have emerged in the past year, we can see how much they serve the public interest. Both Superstories and the Ion Rațiu Award can be considered successful initiatives. In terms of notoriety, at least. However, these are uncertain times, and it will not be easy for us if we do not come together more often, in partnerships of this kind,” declares Alexandra Cantor, Executive Director of the Friends For Friends Foundation.

More details about the Superstories Awards are available here.

About Superstories, the program of the Friends For Friends Foundation (FFFF.RO): Superstories is a tribute that we have been paying to authors since 2011, whose writings, through their strength, originality, honesty, and courage, still tell us the stories that matter. To authors who believe in the power of well-chosen words, who show us how things really are, who free us from prejudices and stereotypes, who move us, enrich us, and protect us from fake news. We dedicate to them, with gratitude, the Superstories awards, scholarships, and seminars.